THE PROBLEM: The education system in most of Africa neither prepares her young minds for the present nor the future but the past; this is the sad reality!


In addition to this, technology, urbanization and globalization have brought a whole new wave of challenges especially for the teens and youths in Africa.


These challenges include but are not limited to the skills gap widening, cyber threats, data protection, cyber bullying, mental health challenges, increase in social vices and juvenile delinquencies, Inappropriate relationships (pedophiles), Cell-phone Addiction, Decreased education drive, decreased human-human connections.


Un-informed Career Choices and a lack of understanding Future of Work.

Maximum Living Academy was designed to enable teenagers navigate through the most crucial period of life by providing them with access to world class resources and networks which will equip them to face 21st century challenges and thrive.


It is a value-centered interactive platform that leverages on technology to transfer knowledge to students, which may otherwise not be taught in the traditional school but are essential for a lifetime!


The academy is consists of 7 Schools, which train your child through a combined elaborate 125-course curriculum.


The MLA curriculum was created using a fusion of:

  • Question-Bank data from over a thousand children (age 10-19).
  • Questionnaires summited by over 100 Parents.
  • Interaction with over 20 school Proprietors and Principals.
  • 21st century solutions.
  • Future predictions.

It covers all areas of discipline and development needed to thrive in an evolving world. 


It consists of

  • Video Lectures.
  • Assessments.
  • Case Studies.
  • Reflection and Feedback for Parents and Schools.
  • Practice Tests.
  • Certificates of Completion.

Certificate of Graduation.

The summer school is an intensive 20-course access  for young leaders that only want to access the Maximum Living Academy during the summer break.


It typically opens up on the second Monday of July and ends on the second Saturday of September. and can be accessed by CLICKING HERE

To sign up for the Maximum Living Academy, CLICK HERE



MLA is a 1-year completely online program, which can be done concurrently with your child’s regular schooling.


Typically for 30 minutes - 1 hour everyday.



MLA doesn’t affect your child’s academics instead it enhances your child’s ability by teaching life essential principles and key subject matters, which are not usually taught in traditional schools.

MLA is a 1-year completely online program, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world with Internet access.

Yes! Upon completing the curriculum for each school, a certificate of completion will be issued.


Upon successful completion of the entire academy, a graduation certificate will be issued.

You can sign up and pay by CLICKING HERE

MLA guarantees a full refund up to 14-days after signing up if you feel our curriculum is of no positive value to your child/ward.


The Summer School is non-refundable.

The Maximum Living Academy is designed to be a personalised journey into becoming an agent of change. Each course is accompanied by a quiz and the feedback which will be sent to parents/guardians upon completion of each quiz, mirrors the individuals progress.

In addition, there is a virtual notepad attached to each registered account and an account can’t be logged into from two devices at the same time.

Hence, having more than one child use an account will significantly diminish the goal of MLA.

It’s important to note that our goal isn’t just for your child to finish the curriculum in record time but to imbibe the lessons in it. Hence, if it takes your child more than a year to complete the current curriculum, we suggest that you subscribe again to MLA.

Note: More courses/trainings will be added to the platform so the learning never ends.

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About MLA

We are a Teen Academy in Nigeria, offering Mentorship, Guidance and Online Courses, to enable teenagers navigate through the most crucial period of life by providing them with access to world-class resources

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© 2022 Maximum Living Academy. All Rights Reserved – Designed By CMS

© 2022 Maximum Living Academy. All Rights Reserved – Designed By CMS

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